The Art Ladder

Your Roadmap to Success
as a Professional Artist


You can learn to navigate the art world

You have questions about paving your way through the art world.
We can help you find the answers.

How can I get noticed by curators and collectors?
How do I build relationships with galleries?
How do I increase my artwork sales?
How do I make it work financially?
Is it too late for me to succeed?


Get answers from art professionals

We have built this online programme,
including monthly interviews with guests from across the art world,
and surgery sessions with our team, covering the business of being an artist,
to give you the tools, insights, and support you need to reach your goals.
The programme takes place 100% online.
Artists at all stages of their careers can join anywhere, anytime. 


The Art Ladder

Professional Mentoring Programme for Artists

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Ready to reach the next level in your career?

This professional mentoring programme for artists will teach you everything you need to know about building your career and profile.

Each month, we will introduce you to recognised experts from across the art world including curators, collectors, advisors, gallerists, critics, and more.

Together with our team of art consultants, they will tell you about:

  • Working with galleries
  • Pricing and selling your work
  • Organising your own exhibitions
  • Building relationships with collectors
  • Selling your work via your website and social media

What's included in the programme?


Interviews with art professionals

To build a successful career as an artist, it's essential to know how the art world works.

Access live webinars (also available to watch on replay) and receive insights directly from gallerists, curators, collectors, critics and advisors. 

  • What do galleries and curators look for?
  • What¬†attracts collectors to an artist's work?¬†
  • How can artists reach the right audience?

Each interview will leave you with a better understanding of the art ecosystem, and insider knowledge on how to navigate it.


Surgery sessions with our team

We have been managing creative projects and running a business in the art world for over 30 years. We can share our experience with you.

If you join us on Level 2, you will access monthly sessions with our team to get targeted advice on topics such as:

  • How to price (and sell) your work,
  • How to get noticed (and represented) by a gallery,
  • How to build (and maintain) relationships with collectors.

You can access the surgery sessions (and ask us all your questions) live on Zoom. You can also watch the video recordings in your own time and access detailed workbooks to apply our strategies after the session.


Personalised mentoring with us

If you're at a pivotal moment in your practice, you might want to go one step further and accelerate your career trajectory.

One-to-one mentoring can provide you with a space to tell us about your work, your goals and your challenges. 

If you join us on Level 3, you'll benefit from two yearly one-to-one sessions with us to discuss:

  • How to set (and reach) your goals,
  • How to build a great online presence for your work,
  • What your next steps should be.

After our one-to-one sessions together, you will have a clear direction and action plan (and, we hope, some extra motivation).


What do artists say about the programme?

"This has been the best investment on my art journey, by far." 
Lizzy Freemantle Schremp

"The programme unravels the mystery of the art scene from where the artist stands. The webinars are grounded and informative."
Kristian Bluff

"The Art Ladder is providing me with an incredibly valuable roadmap, enabling me to navigate the art world's confusing territory."
Jane Dickins

"It is so insightful to get a perspective from a range of people working in the art sector. Everyone is very friendly and encouraging which is helping to break down barriers and take the fear out of pursuing dream goals."
Diana Davis

"This programme is very insightful into the business of art. I’m so glad I joined, the insight provided is going to save me years of floundering on my own."
Cathy Page


 What does the curriculum cover?

Level 1

Meet distinguished experts from across the art world in monthly webinars where they will answer your questions and share top tips. You can watch the webinars and interact with our guests live, or view the recordings later. Webinar guests include:

  • Matthew Flowers, Managing Director, Flowers Gallery
  • Mervyn Metcalf, Collector
  • Isabel Seligman, Curator, The British Museum
  • Sandra Higgins, Art Advisor
  • Lizzie Collins, Founding Director, Zuleika Gallery
  • Auriel Majumdar, Creative Coach

Level 2

On top of the webinars with art professionals, access monthly surgery sessions with our team, including a detailed roadmap and Q&A on a range of key topics. You can watch live or in your own time, with videos and worksheets on topics including:

  • How plan your year as an artist
  • How to create relationships with collectors
  • How to work with galleries
  • How to sell your work online
  • How to organise your own exhibitions

Level 3

If you're at a pivotal stage in your career, and you need further guidance, you can benefit from our group webinars and surgeries, as well as one-to-one mentoring with us.

The one-to-one sessions take place after month 3 and month 9 of the programme, and cover:

  • Strategy and professional development, with one of our Co-Founders, Emma or Penny
  • Marketing and social media, with our Head of Comms, Marine

This Programme Is For You If You Want to...

  • Be taken seriously as an artist
  • Grow your profile and recognition
  • Exhibit your work regularly
  • Sell your work to collectors
  • Grow your streams of income 
  • Find new sources of funding
  • Make an impact and share your art 
  • Build a sustainable career 

We're here to help artists

Hi, It's Emma, Penny and Marine here.

Emma and Penny co-founded Parker Harris in 1990 to organise ambitious art projects and help artists showcase their work. 

Since then, our team has grown, and we've been joined by Marine, who handles our communications and social media.

In our day-to-day work as art consultants, we work closely with artists - as well as curators, collectors, critics and gallerists - to manage some of the UK's most important art prizes and exhibitions.

We know being an artist can feel like a lonely road, and we understand the hopes and challenges it comes with. 

We use our experience to help contemporary artists on their way to building sustainable and successful careers.


"It's reassuring to know the Parker Harris team have an understanding of the challenges, personalities, and struggles that are part of the artist’s journey."

Lorna Hamilton


"Penny, Marine and Emma have helped me understand how galleries work and how I should present myself to get noticed."

Richa Vora

"Working with Parker Harris has been hugely valuable. They are generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise."

Charlotte Hodes

Level 1

£17 / month

Start to navigate the art world

  • Attend webinars with art professionals,¬†gallerists, curators, collectors & more
  • Watch and ask questions live or¬†view¬†later on replay
  • Access a Library of 12+ hours¬†of insights from experts

Level 2

£27 / month

Go further with expert advice

  • Attend webinars with art professionals, gallerists, curators, collectors & more
  • Take part in sessions with our team about¬†growing your career and profile
  • Watch and ask questions live or¬†view¬†later on replay
  • Access a Library of 24+ hours¬†of insights¬†from experts

Level 3

£57 / month

Take the next step with mentoring

  • Attend webinars with art professionals,¬†gallerists, curators, collectors & more
  • Take part in sessions with our team¬†about¬†growing your career and profile
  • Receive two one-to-one mentoring sessions¬†per year with our team
  • Watch and ask questions live or¬†view¬†later on replay
  • Access a Library of 24+ hours¬†of insights¬†from experts

Frequently Asked Questions

If you'd like more details about how the programme takes place,
you can find answers to frequently asked questions below.
If you still have questions, please send us an email to mentoring(at)
We will be happy to help, and we hope to see you join The Art Ladder!